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Why You Should Never Throw Out Old Pallets in the West Midlands

Why You Should Never Throw Out Old Pallets in the West Midlands

Pallets can be used for a wide variety of purposes, and if you’ve just had a big delivery at your workplace, or even your home, you may have found yourself with a few spares. It can often be tempting to just take them to your local recycling centre, or even throw them out. However, with many councils in the West Midlands clamping down on waste, it can sometimes be difficult to find ways to get rid of wooden pallets. But don’t despair. There’s actually a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t throw out old pallets, and a few of them are below.

You can sell old pallets

Many people don’t realise that old pallets can mean money in your pocket. If you don’t plan to do anything with your spares, you can sell pallets back to pallet warehouses, making yourself a bit of money and clearing out your space. If you have a large number, then you can arrange for them to be collected, so it’s even less work on your end. Pallets that are damaged can often be collected for recycling too.

They are a good source of cheap wood

Pallet wood has many uses, including:

* DIY projects – pallet wood is great for making decking or wooden floors

* Upcycling – turn pallets into anything from tables to bed frames

* Outdoor projects such as planters or shelving

Some enthusiastic DIYers even collect pallets so they can make things out of them, or they might choose to buy pallets as they know it can be a cheap and easy source of wood that’s pre-cut and ready to use.

They can be refurbished

Although pallets are strong and sturdy, after a while they can start to fall apart, and many companies simply throw them out when this happens. However, many timber pallets can be refurbished, which can save your company money. Simply take them to a pallet specialist and they can be repaired or can be recycled if beyond repair.

Use them again and again

If you often send out large deliveries, then don’t throw away your old pallets. Many of them last years and years, with euro pallets being made with an especially strong design that’s made to be reused. Pallets can be used to ship many different items safely and ensure that your items get there in one piece.

They can be used for fuel

Untreated pallets can be burned, and are excellent for bonfires, fire pits, or wood burning stoves. Some people even look for pallets for sale around bonfire season so that they can make an impressive fire. All you have to do is pull the pallets apart and look for any loose nails, and the wood is already cut to equal sizes, which makes it easy to stack for a bonfire.

To buy, sell, or re-condition pallets, simply visit Brookfield Pallets, SGS Business Park, Oldbury Road, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 9DP. Call us today on 0121 553 1673 for more information about our services.



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