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Four Ways to Reuse Old Pallets Instead of Throwing Your Pallets Away

Limiting the amount of waste that goes into the landfills is good for everyone. However, there are still many items that people often choose to discard rather than reuse or recycle.

Before throwing out your old pallets, here are a few ways to keep them from ending up in a landfill.

1. Build Your Own Rustic Furniture

One way to reuse your old wooden pallets is to build your own rustic furniture. Using the pallet as a table top, you can create a small coffee table, outdoor work table, or even a small bench. When reusing pallets for furniture, especially furniture that you plan to use indoors, you should thoroughly inspect the pallet. While splintering or cracked wood are not major issues, you may want to avoid pallets that contain stains or odd discolouration.

2. Use Pallets for Garden Fixtures

An old wood pallet may also provide the perfect base for a raised garden bed. Depending on the type of pallet, you may simply turn the pallet over, add boards on the sides, and fill with dirt. You now have a raised bed for flowers or vegetables. Along with a raised bed, you can use a pallet as a base to build shelving for planters or storing your garden tools. With this DIY project, you add boards on the underside of the pallet to create shelving and then mount the top side of the pallet to a wood fence or the wall of a shed.

3. Repair Your Old Pallets for Reuse

You may also attempt to repair your timber pallets. However, depending on how you intend to use them, they may need to be recertified. Before choosing to repair a damaged pallet, you should determine the extent of the damage. Some repairs may be too costly. However, missing or damaged boards, missing nails, and loose boards can easily be replaced or repaired. If the damage is too severe, then consider recycling your pallets.

4. Sell Wood Pallets to a Pallet Supplier

If you do not feel like reusing your pallets for a DIY project or repairing them, you may make a little extra cash by selling your pallets. Local pallet suppliers often offer to buy pallets at a reasonable rate. The bottom line is that there are many ways to reuse your pallets. Instead of throwing your damaged pallets away, you may sell pallets, recycle them, or use them for a fun DIY project.

Whether you want to buy or sell pallets, contact the pallet pros at Brookfield Pallets. We are the most trusted choice for pallet supply in the West Midlands and Birmingham areas. Find out if we serve your area by calling 0121 553 1673.



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