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Making Birmingham More Environmentally Friendly By Using Wooden Pallets For Your Business

Birmingham’s industrial history means it’s often associated with grey skies and smoggy atmosphere. However, this year the city’s first plastic-free supermarket opened its doors, and with other green initiatives for businesses and residents being implemented, it seems that the city could be on its way to overcoming its reputation as the least environmentally friendly place in the UK.

Nowadays, being ‘green’ is almost essential to being recognised as a reputable business, and with Birmingham’s history of rapid industrialisation, the businesses based here come from generations of technological advancement and innovation. So, whether you’re in packing, shipping or storage, using innovative sustainable materials and methods is vital to keeping your business in the running. Using and reusing wooden pallets for your business operations is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and here’s why:

Saves the trees

Contrary to popular belief, the manufacture of wooden pallets generally doesn’t contribute to deforestation. Of course, trees are cut down in order to produce wood products, however the wood used for products like wooden pallets, which are purely functional, tends to be a by-product of other wooden goods. If you’re concerned about whether your wooden pallets are contributing to deforestation, check with your pallet supplier – many suppliers will use wood that has been certified as sustainable. 43% of UK woodland is certified so it’s not difficult to find a trusted, sustainable wooden pallet supplier near you.


Another way in which wooden pallets do their bit for the planet is their recyclability. As they are produced from a natural product, they can be easily broken down and used as an alternative product. Often, unwanted or expendable wooden pallets are ground into chippings or mulch for fuel. Your local wooden pallet service will take the wooden pallets you don’t want and ensure they’re processed into fuel responsibly so that nothing is wasted or goes to landfill. If your wooden pallets are still in good condition, another alternative is to upcycle them into household or garden products. A sand down and a lick of paint does wonders for a wooden pallet – get creative and recycle it as a sofa, bed, garden bench, bookshelves, plant holder or anything else you can think of!


Although the ways to recycle wooden pallets described above are great, they won’t necessarily propel your business. Reconditioning your wooden pallets so that they can continue to be used within your company, or sold onto others, will keep your operations environmentally responsible whilst earning money at the same time. Wooden pallet suppliers offer reconditioning services, meaning that less new pallets have to be made as the older ones can be restored and reused. You can also purchase reconditioned pallets from wooden pallet suppliers and feel reassured that you’re using sustainable products to keep your business ticking along.

Brookfield Pallets Ltd.

If you want to make your business more environmentally friendly, use our high quality, new and used wooden pallets in Birmingham. Here at Brookfield Pallets, we supply a broad range of pallets which have undergone quality control, as well as being made from sustainable, certified wood. Whether you need pallet repair or reconditioning, a few standard pallets or regular deliveries of bespoke pallets to your business in the West Midlands, we can meet your needs at competitive prices. For more information, contact us at our Birmingham depot and enquire about our wide range of wooden pallet services.



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