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What You Should Know About Repairing Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are versatile, durable, and affordable. These features make wooden pallets the preferred choice for transportation and storage solutions. You can use them to stack goods in your warehouse, ship goods to your clients, or for DIY projects.

With regular use, some of your pallets will eventually show signs of wear and tear. They may even become unstable, making them unsuitable for most applications. If you have pallets that need repair, there are a few details that you should consider.

Pallet Repair is Cheap and Good for the Environment

Why should you consider repairing your pallet collection instead of buying new pallets for sale? Depending on the damage, repairs may be more cost-effective. If you simply need to replace a board, the cost is much less than buying a new pallet. Repairing your pallets is also good for the environment. You avoid adding more waste to the landfills and limit the demand for the creation of new pallets.

Choosing Between Pallet Repair and Replacement

While pallet repair is often cost-effective, your pallet may be beyond repair. The most common repairs include replacing damaged boards or refitting loose boards. If more than a few boards need replacing, the time and energy needed to complete the repairs may not be an option for your business. You also need to consider the ISPM-15 requirements for pallets that are used to ship goods overseas. Even if you replace a single board, you will need to have your Euro pallets recertified. Keep in mind that you do not need to handle pallet repairs and recertification on your own. Reliable pallet dealers offer pallet repairs and refurbishment so that you can avoid purchasing new pallets.

Benefits of Recycling Your Old Wooden Pallets

If you decide that replacing your pallets is more efficient than repairing them, you should consider recycling the old pallets. Like pallet repair, recycling is also good for the environment. Some pallet suppliers will buy pallets and recycle them for use as mulch or for manufacturing particle boards. Deciding to sell pallets that are severely damaged may make replacement the more affordable choice. The bottom line is that you should never simply throw out your old pallets. You have three other great options for dealing with damaged pallets. You can attempt to repair the damage and salvage your pallets. The other options include selling your pallets and recycling them. If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of repairing timber pallets, contact us at Brookfield Pallets. We are also a leading supplier of quality pallets. Browse our pallet collection for shipping, storage, or DIY projects.

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