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Here Are Five Reasons Why Wood Recycling Is Important

As the full extent of the damage that we are doing to the world becomes apparent, recycling has become more and more a part of our daily lives. When most people or businesses think of recycling however, they usually might think of plastic, metal or paper, rather than wood. This is probably because wood is seen as something natural, green and not associated with the poisonous or polluting qualities of other materials. I mean, doesn’t wood just naturally rot like a fallen tree in a forest?

There are however a number of huge benefits to the recycling of wood! Here are just four:

Save The Trees!

When wood is normally disposed of it is usually burnt. This not only releases harmful gases into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming as well as potentially releasing substances that are harmful to human health; but it removes the trees from their life cycle which leads to even more trees being cut down. Trees suck carbon from the air, provide an environment for animals and many more important biological functions. It can take a long time for trees to be replanted and even longer for them to mature, so cutting down more trees than we need isn’t a great idea.


Any wood that isn’t being disposed of using wood recycling invariably ends up on a landfill site. Landfill sites take up valuable space and more importantly lead to increased air, land and water pollution.

Save Money

There are monetary advantages of recycling your wood in wood recycling facilities rather than using landfill. The UK government charges a tax levy on every ton of waste deposited in landfill which far outweighs the cost of green disposal. Save yourself money while saving the planet!

New Opportunities

Wood being disposed of in a green way opens up all kinds of different opportunities. One of these is the use of wood waste as a biofuel which is a renewable alternative to polluting fossil fuels. Another opportunity is the potential of wood waste to be used as building materials such as chipboard. With growing public concern about the environment, business has the chance to sell products made from recycled materials that will be popular. If a company is known for its green credentials it also improves its reputation amongst consumers which leads to greater sales generally.

Cannon Hill Park

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Brookfield Pallets is a Birmingham based company that is proud to offer a wood recycling service. Any tiny bit of wood is collected by Brookfield Pallets and is recycled by an environmentally friendly process called mulching – with nothing going to landfill!

Brookfield Pallets Ltd

If you care about the environment and wish to ensure that your business is as green as possible, you should get in contact with Brookfield Pallets Ltd.  For top quality wood pallets in the West Midlands area, a range of services and an honest and efficient service, call us on 0121 553 1673 or email via woodcut01@yahoo.co.uk.



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