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How to Choose Pallets for your next DIY Project

How to Choose Pallets for your next DIY Project

Pallets have long been used in DIY projects, but its only in the recent past that it has gained popularity in garden and home trends. The low price of pallets combined with how easy it is to collect pallets has helped it gain notice. Nowadays, pallets are used to make everything from sofas to picture frames. If you are interested in adding a unique DIY touch to your household, here is a complete rundown of everything you need to know about choosing pallets.

How do I Buy Pallets?

Pallets are one of the most essential items in the logistics industry and as such, you should be able to find them in most shops. Take a look around liquor shops and supermarkets or just ask the employees politely. More often than not, they will give you one for free. if you are having difficulty finding pallets, check on the internet where you should be able to find plenty of people trying to sell pallets or if you are lucky, giving them away for free.

Choosing the best

The history of any pallet collection is sketchy, to say the least. They travel all around the world, are sprayed with chemicals, pick up germs and are sometimes breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. However, by carefully inspecting the wooden pallets you can protect yourself to a certain extent. For starters, do not use timber pallets from grocery shops. There is a higher chance of food spillage, which can cause bacteria to grow in the pores of the wood. Since you will be breaking up the pallets, go for pallets that are in good condition and are not cracked or damaged in any way. Check for visible stains or odours emitting from the pallets and if there are nails in the pallets, look closely and avoid pallets with twisted nails that are harder to remove. Of course, you will avoid all these issues if you buy pallets from companies like Brookfield Pallets Limited who offer a range of treated and disinfected pallets for sale.

The cleaning stage

You can scrub the wood well with a disinfectant like bleach. It is very important that you let the pallets completely dry in order to ensure they can be used in the future. Needless to say, you’ll never know if the pallets are completely clean, so avoid using them close to food and children. Certain households go to the extent of using pallet furniture only for outdoor purposes, but it’s your decision.

Dismantling pallets

In order to use the pallets as furniture, you will need to dismantle them and remove all the nails. Remember to put on a pair of gloves to protect yourself from splinters and wear safety glasses – for obvious reasons – and a dust mask. The traditional method of using a hammer and crowbar works well. Take it slow and don’t go around hammering wildly or you will just crack and damage the wood. Instead go slow and loosen up the nails so you can dismantle the pallet. That’s it, not as difficult as one might think!

About Brookfield Pallets Limited

If you are looking for high quality yet affordable pallets in Birmingham for either commercial or personal purposes, there is no better choice than Brookfield Pallets Limited. We offer a range of pallets; be it euro pallets or heat treated pallets of impeccable quality. Call us today on 0121 553 1673 or visit our website www.brookfieldpallets.co.uk to find more about all our services.



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