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Facts on Wooden Pallets and the Environment

Not all pallets are the same, and if you’re environmentally conscious then you want to know where your wooden pallets are coming from, particularly for your corporate social responsibility. Pallets are most commonly used in the logistics industry and the debate rages on between various providers of pallets for sale about which ones have the least impact on the environment. Brookfield Pallets, leading providers of high quality timber pallets in Birmingham have gathered some simple facts to keep you up to date and informed.

Are pallets green?

There’s a lot of argument out there about deforestation because of pallets, claiming that they contribute to global warming. Another argument is that they end up in landfill sites, but this is just irresponsible, most people who buy pallets do so from reputable providers who use recycled materials, so these arguments don’t really stand up.

The environmental impact of pallets

Here are the facts on how wooden pallets really impact our environment:

  1. Wooden pallets don’t result in deforestation – Many pallet suppliers, such as Brookfield Pallets, use wood that has certified by an accredited environmental body, so you know that they are trustworthy and sustainable. It’s actually not entirely true that trees are cut down to make pallets. The wood used in making pallets is a by-product of timber used in construction of houses and furniture. Humble pallets are made from what’s left over! Brookfield Pallets also use reconditioned and repaired pallets so it’s been a long time since they resembled anything like a tree!
  2. Most wooden pallets are recycled – Damaged pallets are broken down and the timber is recovered to make reconditioned pallets and other materials. The UK is committed to recycling as many wood products as possible and it’s thought that less than 5% of wooden pallets now end up in landfills.
  3. Plastic pallets are greener than wooden ones – Plastic pallet manufacturers shout about the fact that their product lasts longer and that they are lighter, so they reduce fuel consumption. However, plastic is a much more harmful product than wood, and the sheer amount of time that it takes to break down plus what it happens during its production means that they can’t be described as green.
  4. Wooden pallets can be reused as fuel – If a wooden pallet cannot be reconditioned into a new one, it can be mulched or chipped down to use as fuel. Wood chip is currently the cheapest form of heat energy on the market. It is also a renewable fuel source for heating and power and is sustainable, so with all its uses, there really aren’t many more environmentally friendly materials than it.

Wooden Pallets for Sale in Birmingham and the Surrounding Areas

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