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Best Places To Go Sledging In And Around Birmingham

Last winter saw one of the heaviest snowfalls in the UK for years, and with another cold winter season ahead of us, it’s time to start thinking about how to enjoy the snowy weather. We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it… so why not embrace the fluffy white stuff and grab a sledge to glide on through it.

A great way to add a personal touch and get the whole family involved is to build your own sledges from unwanted wooden pallets. Not only are they much sturdier than the plastic sledges you find in the local hardware store, but wooden pallet sledges are also much better for the environment. When the snow begins to fall, find yourself a wooden pallet, give it a fresh lick of paint, make a few alterations and you’re away!

There are plenty of places to take your new DIY sledge for a ride in and around Birmingham, so wrap up warm, grab your cosiest boots and explore these thrilling sledging spots in and around the city.

Warley Woods

This 100-acre park is the perfect place to go sledging with the family. Being such a vast open space makes it feel as if you’re far away from the hubbub of the city, but it’s only three miles from the centre of Birmingham. When the kids get a snow day off school, take them down to Warley Woods for a fun-filled festive day.

Red House Park

Red House Park is a very popular spot for sledging and even hosted a giant mass sledge ride a few years ago. A huge Obelisk towers above a big slope which, when dusted with snow, is the ideal spot to pick up some speed on your homemade sledge. Located in Great Barr, this sledging spot is a little further from the city centre but is definitely worth the journey.

Beacon Hill

Nestled in the Lickey Hills you’ll find Beacon Hill. Towering a whopping 297m above sea-level, this famous hilltop is the perfect place to grab your sledge and shred the gnar, particularly if you’re a thrill-seeking sledger.

Sutton Park

One of the largest urban parks in the UK, Sutton Park is a great place to get out on your sledge without having to travel on dangerously icy roads. At 2,400 acres, it’s fair to say that the opportunities for sledging here are vast and even if you’re not feeling adventurous, Sutton Park makes for a lovely place for a wintery stroll.

Cannon Hill Park

Probably the most popular place for sledging in the winter due to its proximity to Birmingham city centre is Cannon Hill Park, which turns into an urban winter wonderland when snow falls over the city. The lake has been known to freeze over, and although we wouldn’t advise getting your ice skates out, it’s definitely worth admiring after a long day’s sledging.

Build your sustainable sledge using Brookfield’s wooden pallets

At Brookfield Pallets, being sustainable is a major part of our philosophy. Our high-quality wooden pallets can be recycled and reused as almost anything you want, all you have to do is get creative. In the winter time, making sledges out of your unwanted pallets is not only eco-friendly but loads of fun too and by using Brookfield Pallets, you can ensure that your sledge is sturdy and reliable, ready to glide effortlessly through the snow.

However, if you need wooden pallets for business and not for pleasure, don’t hesitate to contact us today and explore our range of wooden pallet products and services.



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