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A Complete Guide to Wooden Pallets

The use of wooden pallets makes a great way to package goods and products for shipping, providing a stable base which can be loaded with a variety of goods before being shrink wrapped and loaded onto a container.

It is important to remember that timber pallets come in a variety of sizes, not all of which are suitable for use worldwide. As a company specialising in the production and reconditioning of wooden pallets, we can assist you in ensuring that the pallets you procure are perfect for the task.

Euro Pallets

The Euro pallet is a term given to wooden pallets which conform to a universal sizing standard. This standard is regulated by the European Pallet Association (EPAL) to ensure that all pallets in use can be exchanged on a ‘like for like’ basis with no deviation in their dimensions. The Euro pallet is typically 1400 x 800 x 144 millimetres in dimensions and is constructed through the use of 78 nails which are inserted in a prescribed pattern. There are also several other sizes of Euro pallets which can be ordered depending on your requirements and shipping methods. If your business regularly ships deliveries within the UK and Europe, it is a good idea to purchase an appropriate number of Euro pallets to ensure compatibility in the event any need to be exchanged.

UK Pallets

The wooden pallets which are widely used within the United Kingdom are also subject to standard sizing. Each pallet is available in a variety of configurations depending on your requirements, allowing you to choose pallets which are more durable and are able to bear greater loads. The UK pallet is 1200 x 1000 millimetres in dimensions and is suited for use within the UK in addition to export abroad.

Choosing the best

The history of any pallet collection is sketchy, to say the least. They travel all around the world, are sprayed with chemicals, pick up germs and are sometimes breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. However, by carefully inspecting the wooden pallets you can protect yourself to a certain extent. For starters, do not use timber pallets from grocery shops. There is a higher chance of food spillage, which can cause bacteria to grow in the pores of the wood. Since you will be breaking up the pallets, go for pallets that are in good condition and are not cracked or damaged in any way. Check for visible stains or odours emitting from the pallets and if there are nails in the pallets, look closely and avoid pallets with twisted nails that are harder to remove. Of course, you will avoid all these issues if you buy pallets from companies like Brookfield Pallets Limited who offer a range of treated and disinfected pallets for sale.

Non-Standard Sized Pallets

We understand that customers utilise wooden pallets for a variety of different uses which is why we offer the ability to produce pallets to the dimensions of your individual requirements, providing you with pallets that are perfectly suited to the job you require. Whether you require pallets for transportation, storage or any other use, we sell pallets that can be customised to the needs of your project.

Reconditioned Pallets

Many of our customers prefer to buy pallets which have been reconditioned, providing a high-quality source of wooden pallets which are just as durable as their brand new equivalents at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, our reconditioned pallets are available in a variety of sizes as well as several condition grades, providing you with the ultimate flexibility over the pallets you order.

Brookfield Pallets: Providing a Wide Range of High Quality Wooden Pallets for Sale

We supply pallets to customers in a variety of industries and can work with you to supply durable and affordable pallets that are suitable for your requirements. We also provide a pallet collection and removal service where you can benefit from pallet repair in addition to the ability to sell your used pallets back to us by simply requesting for us to collect your pallets at your convenience.



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