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4 Simple Pieces of Furniture That Can Be Made with Pallets

When you think of pallet furniture, you may think of rustic, upcycled projects that are suitable for your garden. But many people now visit places that sell pallets so that they can build furniture for the home. It’s easy to see why, pallet wood is incredibly strong and can last for many years, and even those with basic DIY skills can have a go at one of these home projects.

1. Kids desk

A standard size pallet is the ideal size to make a desk for a child. Simply add a sheet of MDF, cut to size, over the top of the pallet, and attach legs to make a simple desk. Wooden pallets are great for building desks, as they have their own built-in shelves, handy for keeping books or small items organised.

2. Pallet sofa

There are many ways you can create pallet chairs or sofas, but the basic steps are:

  •         Find several pallets of the same size
  •         Prep the wood by sanding and either painting or staining
  •         Stack the pallets to the required height, then secure with screws
  •         To make the back of the couch, remove the back of a pallet and screw to the base
  •         Add cushions – you can buy ready made cushions for pallet chairs

Pallet chairs are great for kids’ rooms or any space that you want to keep informal. When you look for pallets for sale, you’ll notice that they are standard sizes, so that’s a lot of the work already done for you. Your job is simply prepping the wood and assembling the pallets as you need them.

3. Pallet shelves

Because pallet wood is already cut to size, it’s an easy way to make shelves, which you simply need to assemble on the wall. Buy some wooden pallets and you can cut them into thirds to make small, handy shelves such as spice racks, or you can take them apart and make sturdy bookshelves or whatever takes your fancy.

4. Pallet beds

If you’ve ever used a wooden bed frame, you’ll notice that the slats look like pallets, and it’s incredibly easy to make a pallet bed. Using timber pallets, you can simply stack pallets to the required size, then attach them using large screws to make a bed base. Many people go for a low bed with one layer of pallets, or you can stack them two or three high to make a standard sized bed frame. You can even use a few spare ones to make a headboard which has a cool DIY look. Pallet beds even have handy little shelves underneath which you can use to store shoes, boxes or anything else that takes up floorspace.

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