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4 Reasons Why Pallets are Great for DIY Projects

Whether you’re building some decking or making a piece of garden furniture, pallets can be a useful material. If you’re trying to get a certain rustic, DIY look that’s popular in many homes, then finding pallets for sale is a quick way to get the materials you need for your project. However, it’s not just the look of pallets that make them great for DIY, here are some reasons why they’re so useful for a wide variety of applications.

1. Pallet wood is strong

Pallets are designed to be used over and over again in environments such as warehouses, so they need to be strong and durable. Wooden pallets are made of a variety of wood, depending on the manufacturer, but whichever ones you pick up you can be sure that they’re made to last. Therefore, you can be sure that if you build a piece of furniture, then you have a sturdy material at its heart.

2. It’s easy to prepare

Pallet wood doesn’t take a long time to get ready, whether you’re using whole pallets or dismantling them. You may wish to take the steps below:

  •         Check the wood for any loose nails or debris
  •         Sand with the grain to remove splinters
  •         Use a cloth to remove dust for a smooth finish
  •         Use a stain or wooden paint to get the desired colour

It’s worth investing in or hiring a handheld sander to make the job easier, which means you can easily get large numbers of timber pallets ready for the job ahead. A wood stain will give your wood a luxury finish, or you can stick with a more rustic chalk paint for an upcycled feel.

3. It’s cut to size

Pallets come in standard sizes, so if you have a project that needs lots of planks of the same sized wood, then using euro pallets can be an easy solution. It means you don’t have to cut them to size yourself and makes projects such as decking, or table tops easy.

4. They’re affordable

Certain types of wood can be expensive, and if you’re a beginner to DIY, you might want to build some practice pieces first. If you buy pallets from a local dealer, you get a source of inexpensive wood that’s easy to work with, ideal for those who are just learning new skills. Pallets can be used in a variety of ways, whether it’s joining them whole to make bed frames and benches or taking them to pieces to create cheap wood for decking or working on furniture projects, and by using wood from pallets you can save a lot of money when compared to visiting a DIY store.

If you need pallets for a DIY project or any other reason, simply visit Brookfield Pallets, SGS Business Park, Oldbury Road, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 9DP. You can also call us on 0121 553 1673 or e-mail woodcut01@yahoo.co.uk to find out more.



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